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We recommend PayPal as payment for MtiQS-licences
MtiQS - full version
After the end of the 14-day test period you can buy a license. This licence can be payed as the whole sum or as partial payment.
• You get every software version with no costs up to the next major update
• Major updates are upgrades with costs to the last prior version
• You get time unlimited support
Price and payment
• per licence: 899,00 € per computer* (every computer needs a own licence)
• Partial payment beginning from 1 € / day possible up to the achievment of full price
• all payment steps are fully automated via PayPal ®
• a licence is portable to another computer, for ex. in case of buying a new one
Example for partial payment
To reduce the initial risc to invest in a software you can by our software step by step beginning with amounts of 1 € per day. We assume you pay an amount of 30,00 € via Paypal related to your user ID.
The automated payment process extends the validity of your licence for 30 days. Either from the date of your payment or added to the last day of the current licence validity. This depends which date is later, the end of your current licence or the payment date. For this reason it is possible to break the payment process and the usage of our software and on a later time to continue. When you have fully payed the the price the software licence will never expire, without upgrades to the next major releases.
Already payed amounts are not refundable.
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