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Metatrader 5 - DDE - Server

What is a "Metatrader 5 - DDE - Server" and why is a "Metatrader 5 - DDE - Server" needed ?
Metatrader 5 is the next version after Metatrader 4, the world wide leading trading platform. Compared to Metatrader 4 Metatrader 5 has changed and improved in many fields. But some functions are no longer available in the new version of Metatrader. One of these functions is the DDE service which was in Metatrader 4 a very useful functionality to export quotes from Metatrader into external programs like Excel, Amibroker or other DDE clients.
To fill this gap we have developed a DDE server to compensate this. Whith this server you can use Metatrader 5 as a data source and export quotes via DDE. It works as a connector between Metatrader 5 and one or more DDE clients.
Use the following parameters:
  • Service: "MT5"
  • Topic: "Symbol" (the original symbol from MT5, f.e. for Us-Dollar vs. Euro 'EURUSD')
  • Item: "BID" o. "ASK" o. "LAST" o. "TIME" o. "VOLUME" o. "QUOTE"
BID = self explanatory
ASK = self explanatory
LAST = last quote of a trade
TIME = timestamp
VOLUME = self explanatory
QUOTE = all single values separated by semicolon [SYMBOL;BID;ASK;LAST;TIME;VOLUME]
The software can be downloaded and installed directly. The installation routine contains all required scripts and libraries. After the first run the program can be tested for 14 days without limitations. After the trial has ended you can by a full licence for only 29,00 € via PayPal.
The PayPal form can be started with the button "Get a licence" directly from within the program.

DownloadDownload MT5DDE Setup
  • Download the installation program "Install-MT5DDE.exe"
  • Run the installation program and follow the instructions
  • Copy the file "DDE.dll" into the directory "Libraries" in the Metarader 5 installation
  • Copy the files "DDE.ex5" and "DDE.mq5" into the directory "Indicators" in the Metarader 5 installation
  • Both directories are located in the directory "MQL5"
  • Activate in Metarader 5 the point "Allow DLL imports". This is located under "Tools/Options/Expert Advisors"
  • Start Metarader 5 and open a chart
  • Start the MT5 - DDE - server
  • In Metarader 5 open the Navigator and herein the point "Custom Indicators"
  • From the list drag the indicator "DDE" over the chart and drop it
  • Check if the point "Allow DLL imports" is activated
  • Press the OK button
  • Now you should see in MT5 - DDE - server incoming qoutes
  • Activate the DDE server with a click on the button with the symbol Symbol DDE-Server Start
  • To stop the DDE server click the button with the symbol Symbol DDE-Server Stop again
Attention - Important!
Before you close a chart make sure you have deactivated the DDE indicator via the context menu. Otherwise causes the involved DLL a blockade of the DDE server and the other programs and all programs must be restarted.