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MtiQS - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use MtiQS with one licence on more then one computer?
No, the licence is only for one computer. But the licence can be transmitted to another computer.
How many data feeds could be received simultaneusly?
Theoreticaly all in MtiQS available data feeds.
Can I use MtiQS without internet connection or offline?
On every start MtiQS requires a connection to the autorisation server. When MtiQS has started you can cut the connection and work offline.
There are rectrictions during the 14-day trial period?
No, all functions are useable.
How many data can I store into MtiQS?
The data base has a capacity of appr. 32 Terabyte.
Is it planned to integrate further data feeds?
Yes, we will integrate as much as possible data feeds inti MtiQS. Also if a feed covers only a specific market, region or instrument type.
Is MtiQS free of spyware, viruses or other malware?
Yes, we guarantee a 100% clean software as far as possible for us. Additionaly our software is listed and proofed by some independent download portals with good reputations.
Which analysis software is ready for using quotes from MtiQS?
At the moment MtiQS comes with ready to use plugins for "WealthLab-Developer 5", "Wave59", "Metatrader 4", "Ninja Trader", "AmiBroker" and "RightEdge". Also every DDE capable software or every spreadsheet program like Microsoft-Excel or Openoffice-Calc is connectable to MtiQS.
In the future it is planned to add further software. This will be announced through the integrated newsfeed in MtiQS to all users.
Do you offer a PAD file an and is it usable for free?
Yes, through the link above you can get the MtiQS PAD file (Portable Application Description). Considering the copyright of the owner this file can be used by every webmaster or owner of a software directory.